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Maxima Turbo Disc Tiller

The Maxima Turbo Disc Tiller is built strong with a sturdy frame and high quality materials. We do not sacrifice quality to save expense and this product will challange other designs with its ingenuity and strong build.

It is used to chop and incorporate stubble into the soil, which speeds up the decomposition of stubble and puts nutrients back into the ground. It is also used to incorporate product and chop out weeds.

The machine from 4m's up is foldable, bringing the transport width to 2.8m. It can be pulled up to 15km/ph in the right soil conditions.

Three rollers to choose from: Notched double-disk packer, standard pipe roller and rubber roller

2.5m 3 point linkage: 85-110hp required

3m 3 point linkage: 100-130hp required

3.5m 3 point linkage: 110-150hp required

4m 3 point linkage: 130-170hp required

4m trailed type: 140-180hp required

4.5m 3 point linkage: 150-180hphp required

4.5m trailed type: 160-190hp required

5m 3 point linkage type: 160-200hp required

5m trailed type: 170-210hp required

5.5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, and 12m In testing.

This machine is very well priced, please contact us for more info.

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