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Performance Statement

High performance excavator digging buckets from Points Direct will improve your productivity and performance through:

Superior bucket breakout force and penetration through short pin to point bucket design

Improved bucket geometry for more efficient digging and loading of material

Heavy duty robust construction for increased strength and durability

Flexibility - any bucket width - depth – capacity

A choice of three wear package configurations to build your general purpose bucket into a Rock or Heavy Duty Bucket

Are designed to comply with OH&S requirements

What to look for in a digging bucket

Heavy Duty Top Box for added strength and durability

Short pin to point for improved bucket breakout

Superior bucket design for more efficient digging and bucket fills

Bucket width and capacity matched to your application

Excellent wear protection on bucket backplate

Quality materials used in construction

Choice of bucket teeth available

GP Digging Bucket Design

The majority of excavator buckets are characterized by the double radius backplate. The majority of competitor’s buckets have a single radius backplate which, while reducing the manufacturing cost of the bucket, also reduces its performance. Because of the bucket design, the flat bottom of the single radius bucket ploughs the ground creating more strain on the excavator and reducing bucket fills.

The double radius shape also allows the eiengineering bucket to follow the teeth through the cut, promoting the efficient digging and loading of materials into the bucket, which results in buckets that load easier and fill quicker than the majority of conventional excavator buckets.

The bucket top box is designed to provide maximum strength through the bucket from the hangers for maximum digging power

Tapered design reduces bucket drag ensuring maximum efficiency as only the bucket teeth and side cutting edges are impacting the cut

The double radius design also ensures the load is kept high in the bucket maximizing capacity. The double radius offer greater bucket depth increasing capacity by around 10% over traditional buckets.

Shorter bucket pin-to-point improves penetration and force required for the cut.

All  buckets are made from Bisalloy, which is 3.1 times stronger than mild steel. This ensures more strength and less weight which means greater capacities, less fuel consumption and less load on the excavator.

The Benefits

The benefits you will experience are:

Earn more money moving more material - greater payload per bucket load – 10% more in every fill than a traditional single radius bucket, without losing any digging ability.

Reduce fuel costs – because the bucket digs easier with less drag, fuel costs will be reduced

Save time – more bucket capacity means less time behind the controls, saving fuel and employee costs

Reduced servicing costs because the excavator is not working as hard

Bisalloy construction means longer working life of the bucket and less downtime carrying out expensive repairs or modifications

What you get as standard

All of our buckets are delivered with teeth and adaptors, bucket pins and side cutters designed to protect the side cutting edges from premature wear.

Teeth and adaptors available are Hensley, Esco, Caterpillar, Keech


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